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RIBERA BLUE Floorplans




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  • - Reinforced concrete footings with a resistance to coastal climates of type HA-30SRMR.
  • - 30cm thick concrete walls, with access with access to the sanitary trunking, registered in case of any possible future issues.
  • - Unidirectional concrete structure with plain girder.
  • - Partition closings with solid bricks form the “Esperanza” brand, plastered with cement on the inside and top coat on the outside.
  • - 15cm air chamber of which 10cm are two layers of 5cm artificial rock wool, joint with special plugs, made for adherence.
  • - Electrical installation of superior grade with mechanisms type “Simon 82″, incluiding door bell with video system.
  • - Plumbing fittings done in highly resistant polibutelene, and shut-off valves in every zone with humidity.
  • - Sanitary fittings, branded “Porcelanosa”
  • - Exterior and interior flooring fitted in porcelain.
  • - Tilings branded “Porcelanosa”
  • - Hot water system using Aerothermy branded “Ariston”
  • - Preinstalling of heat radiators.
  • - Natural gas access by the house plot.
  • - AC installation with first grade heat pump.
  • - Fully furnished kitchen.
  • - Installed private aerial.





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